Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence

The physical, mental, and emotional damage that affects those who have been involved in any form of domestic violence or abuse is cruel and tragic. Anyone who has been involved in such acts deserves to have proper representation under the law. The state of Utah has an extensive index of laws covering domestic violence and abuse.  There are a variety of violent charges that may be considered domestic violence under Utah law including assault, harassment, stalking, sexual assault, battery, trespassing and more. Utah also includes child abuse under its criminal definition. The Utah Criminal Code contains the Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act which calls for enhanced penalties for subsequent domestic violence offenses.

Whether you have been charged with domestic violence or protective order violations, or you need help in pursuing or defending against a protective order, you can call the law office of Attorney Chad B. McKay for help.

Attorney Defending Domestic Assault, Abuse & Threat Charges in Utah

All too often, the decision to arrest is made based on who called the police. When faced with no independent witnesses, little evidence and a department policy requiring the officer to make an arrest under certain circumstances, many innocent citizens are wrongfully accused of domestic violence offenses. Being charged with a domestic violence offense in Utah can have significant consequences that could effect the rest of your life. In addition to incarceration, probation, fines and counseling, you could lose many valuable job opportunities and your right to possess a firearm.

Your freedom and rights are extremely important to you. It is very important that you speak immediately with an experienced and aggressive domestic violence defense lawyer who is familiar with these types of cases. Utah domestic violence defense attorney Chad B. McKay will provide you with the defense that you need if you are facing serious criminal charges due to alleged domestic violence.

Whether you have been charged with domestic violence assault, domestic violence aggravated assault, domestic violence disorderly conduct, or any misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense in Utah, you should have a skilled Utah domestic violence defense attorney working to protect your rights. Attorney Chad B. McKay will help you if you have been charged with trespassing, restraining order violation, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, threatening or intimidating and other similar charges.


Domestic violence assault charges are taken very seriously both by criminal attorneys and prosecutors throughout Utah. When a person is accused of assaulting or attacking a member of their family, many different people become involved in addition to the police. Often, child protective services will come into the home to investigate and to see if the children are in danger in the home. Assault is a complex charge that can actually be given to a person even in cases where no physical injury is incurred by the victim. Cases where an alleged perpetrator does something that makes the victim believe that injury or harm will be soon inflicted on them, such as a threat, can also constitute as assault in some cases, even when the attacker is joking.

It is important to retain the legal services of Chad McKay right away if you have been charged with domestic violence, especially when assault is involved; you may be facing serious criminal charges and consequences.