Felony Lawyer


Felony Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a felony, such as aggravated assault, murder, sexual assault or aggravated robbery, it is critical that you have an experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled Felony Defense Attorney to represent you. Attorney Chad B. McKay has the requisite knowledge, trial experience, and skill as a criminal defense lawyer that you need, and he can help you resolve your case.

We know how to handle all possibilities that might arise during pre-trial hearings, jury trials and sentencing hearings. If you are facing an aggravated assault, murder, sexual assault, aggravated robbery, or other felony charge, then you want an experienced Utah felony lawyer who can talk you through your options and aggressively defend and protect your rights.

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make in your case. Whether you have been accused of a crime or are simply being investigated, your rights, your freedom, and your future could be in jeopardy. It is important to have the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer as early as possible.

To discuss your felony defense matter or criminal charges involving aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, burglary, child abuse, drug possession or drug trafficking with an experienced Criminal-Defense Lawyer, call the law office of Chad B. McKay today at (801) 621-6021, or stop by our Ogden office at 2650 Washington Blvd.

We have experience defending against felony-charges. We have successfully defended individuals in court on felony charges including;

Aggravated Assault

Child Abuse


Major Drug Crimes, including Drug Possession

Sexual Assault

Contact Felony Lawyer Chad B. McKay today to get his efficient, personalized legal expertise on your side. With our help, you will receive the best possible result for your case.

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