Custody Considerations in Utah

Utah Child Custody


Utah Child Custody

There are several considerations concerning child custody in a Utah Divorce. Most likely your divorce involving Utah child custody will involve a Utah child custody evaluator. In most instances divorce judges in Utah believe that a Utah child custody evaluator or Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) are important people in deciding the child custody in your case. When you hire a Utah child custody evaluator there are certain factors they will consider in your divorce. You will also need a divorce lawyer that understands Utah child custody evaluations and how they function in a Utah Divorce. These Utah child custody considerations include but are not limited to;

Child Custody Considerations

1. The Child’s preference

2. The benefit of keeping siblings together;

3. The relative strength of the child’s bond with one or both of the prospective custodians;

4. The general interest in continuing previously determined custody arrangements where the child is happy and well adjusted;

5. Factors relating to the prospective custodians’ character or status or their capacity or willingness to function as parents, including:

6. Moral character and emotional stability;

7. Duration and depth of desire for custody;

8. Ability to provide personal rather than surrogate care;

9. Significant impairment of ability to function as a parent through drug abuse, excessive drinking or other causes;

10. Reasons for having relinquished custody in the past;

11. Religious compatibility with the child;

12. Kinship, including in extraordinary circumstances stepparent status;

13. Financial condition; and

14. Evidence of abuse of the subject child, another child, or spouse; and

15. Any other factors deemed important by the evaluator, the parties, or the court.

All of these factors are important. All of these factors can determine custody of your children in your divorce. This is why you need a Utah Divorce Lawyer to establish evidence of each and every one of these factors. Some factors may not be relevant to your divorce situation but it is essential to explore each factor to decide if it is relevant.

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